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SPCC Plan Development and Engineering

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan Experts


USTanx, LLC. provides Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) preparation services for the oil and gas, manufacturing, or transportation industry.  Our staff can review and certify your self-developed plan, develop a SPCC Plan, or can update your plan to meet the new requirements. Facilities that follow well-prepared SPCC Plans can expect to minimize if not avoid oil spills that could result in penalties, fines, or costly remediation activities.  Our professionals and Engineers have the background and experience to provide any service associated with SPCC Rule compliance, including:


    • Onsite SPCC Compliance Audit

    • SPCC plan development

    • Assessing Existing tank conditions and secondary containment systems

    • Facility Response Plan (FRP) development per 40 CFR 112.20

    • Local, State, and Federal Regulations Compliance reviews

    • Provide drawings of the onsite facilities

    • Tank Inspections and testing per the STI standard

    • Expert consultation and opinions

    • Recommend facility upgrades to comply with regulations


Phase I & Phase II


USTanx, LLC. is a proven company with extensive experience in real estate transactions, banking, oil and gas, manufacturing and transportation industry.  Environmental regulations have become so significant that most commercial real estate transactions should include an assessment of environmental factors by buyers, sellers, lenders, and insurers. The possible presence of contamination at a property can significantly affect the worth of the property, and may result in substantial costs for required remediation. We are competitively priced while maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.


Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal, Closure and Remediation.


USTanx, LLC has successfully completed numerous UST removal and remediation projects. Our environmental staff can provide and coordinate all necessary permitting, excavation equipment, product removal and disposal, and environmental sampling. Our services also include preparation of all required reports and submittal to the regulatory agency.  In the event a release of product has occurred, additional assessment and remediation may be required. In many cases a remedial strategy may begin during the investigation stage.  When it comes to environmental cleanup of a contaminated site, there is a lot to consider before, during, and after the process takes place. Our experience and forward-thinking approach allows us to move seamlessly from assessment to remediation.

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Industry Focus


USTanx has extensive experience and state of the art equipment for cleaning and handling all types of materials in all types of storage environments.


USTanx provides full-service Underground Storage Tank and Aboveground Storage Tank inspection services.


USTanx inside & outside industrial painting services are focused on the installation of high-performance, protective coating systems for concrete, steel and other substrates.

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